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Research-backed conversion strategy packed with personality to supercharge your sales funnel. 

The Scribesmith's your one-stop shop for all things conversion copy. We work with seven and eight-figure online business owners who are ready to make bank on their next launch (stress-free!)

"It's been a game-changer, I cannot imagine running my business without the Scribesmith"

Rose Han
CEO, Investing with Rose

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We craft campaigns that make people pull out their wallets and say gimme.

If your brand doesn’t speak directly to your target client, none of your carefully planned sales funnels are going to convert.


And, all that traffic you’re getting is just going to disappear off into the vast expanses of the interwebs. Everybody and their grandmothers say they can supercharge your conversion. “110% conversion increase.”


But nobody likes a liar.​


Truth is, if you're having a hard time getting leads to convert, you either have a not-so-great product or your marketing's about as interesting as watching paint dry. But, when your brand strikes the right chords, BOOM, the clouds part, and the sun shines down, illuminating a path right to that BUY button.

Our Process


We're strategists first. Copywriters second. We'll take a long, hard look at your funnel, your competitors and your audience.



Once we've identified opportunities and loopholes, we'll start building a strategy designed to get you results. 



Pulling from our research, we craft conversion copy, wireframe it, and set it up with everything we need to get measurable results.



Conversion optimization is a process. We stick around to tweak, edit, and test, so you get the most out of your funnel.


What People Say

"They didn't just buy, they wrote. 

And wrote more. 

Their life stories. 

Their business ideas.  

The outpour of support for our work still continues, right now. Today. 

Eman and her team have been our ROCKS through the entire launch process. They can turn the craziest amount of content + a few brain dumps into a meaningful message that resonates with an audience and captivates them so much so you surpass your goals and fuels positive outcomes

In a very small amount of time Eman and her team distilled our content and developed a rich voice that spoke to our audience so deeply, they responded. They didn't just buy, they wrote.  And wrote more. Their life stories, their business ideas.  The outpour of support for our work still continues, right now. Today. 


If you're ready (or not) to let go and trust someone to take your message/ your product to the next level, say yes to Eman. I'm betting on her."

"By the end of our discovery call and first-ever time speaking on the phone, Eman already felt like a trusted confidante who had been with the company for years. 

The speed in which she was able to turn the project's intricacies into a strategic direction well above what most C-Suite Executives could pull off. 

Not only did she design copy that was like being inside the heads of our target audience, but she also went many extra miles by providing recommendations about segmentation, conversions and page design. Which were so good, to get that level somewhere else would've cost me tens of thousands of dollars more and three additional contractors. 

What kind of copywriter does that?
The only one you should ever use for any future launch — Eman. I know I will be. "

Nicole Elzer

COO, Peace Innovation Institute,
Stanford University

Andrew Bean



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