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Launches are the single greatest cause of grey hair, anxiety, insomnia and random bouts of indigestion in business owners. *

*Not really a fact, but it might as well be.

Let's face it, launches are exhausting.

The internet will tell you that your launch needs:


  • A webinar landing page

  • A webinar promo sequence

  • Webinar reminders

  • Facebook ads to promote the webinar

  • A webinar script that conveys your authority

  • A sales page to send your audience to

  • A cart checkout page 

  • A post-webinar replay email

  • A sales sequence that pushes your product, service, or course sans-sleaze

  • Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your page

  • An upsell sequence to send to buyers

  • A downsell to send to people who don't bite

  • Cart close emails

That's a lot of time, effort, and money that you might not actually need to invest in your launch.

Want to know the three biggest mistakes business owners make while launching? (and how to fix them!)

Read on

Mistake 1: You skimp on the research. 


So I'm not about to launch into some spiel about how it's important to be true to yourself and all that. Everybody and their grandma talked about authenticity in 2018.


But this goes beyond just being authentic.


The average person is exposed to 5000 ads a day.


Every time you put something out into the world,

you're fighting tooth and nail to be heard. 


And the best way to do is to take the time to do the research. Find out who your audience is, what keeps them up at night, what keeps them going, but beyond that their level of awareness, potential objections and more.


Mistake 2: You swiped launch strategy

Swiped strategies and plug-and-play launch strategies are a recipe for disappointment. 

Magic bullets don’t exist, and you’ll end up including components that you don’t necessarily need, you'll miss out on the bits you really need, and more often than not, you'll spend more time and money than necessary.


Your launch strategy has to take into account your credibility and reach, how proven your offer is, your positioning and messaging, your budget, the people on your team, and a lot more, and it's impossible to do that without a custom strategy


Mistake 3: You spend too much time talking about the bells and whistles


This sucks to hear, so I'm going to rip the band-aid quick.


Your audience doesn't care about all the neat features you've built into your product or course.


They care about how you're going to make their lives better.


And, that's all.


The best way to sell something is to show your audience that you understand their struggle, that you're competent and credible, and that your offer is the best solution to their struggle.



Wondering how to avoid all three?

Send conversion through the roof,

and have a stress-free launch? 


Minimum Viable Launches™

Launches built for your audience, your offer, and around your strengths, for your business goals.



We kick off with a Minimum Viable Launch™ Strategy Session where we take stock of the opportunities available to your business as well as the unique constraints you might face.

We then take a step back and do some research of our own, and then we put together a launch plan and a quote for the rest of your launch.

Whether you decide to work with us or not, the ready-to-use launch strategy is yours to take with and run with it. And if you do decide to work with us on the rest of the launch, we take the cost of the strategy session off the cost of your launch. 

We then create all the copy for your launch, that means your emails, sales page, social media posts, ads, and whatever else you need. Our team will handle the tech integration, manage your ads, and be available during the launch to optimize messaging.

Kira Hug, Kira Hug Media

I don't want to write a testimonial for Eman, because I don't want to share her with the world.

Call me selfish, I don't care.

Eman's that good → a true talent who knows how to write clever copy that truly speaks to her audience.


She knows how to string together the right words, phrases, emojis, and even pop culture references so that her copy POPS!


In other words, Eman's copy, talent, and unique vision will help you make more money while also empowering your community.




Andrew Bean, CEO. Hotbed


By the end of our discovery call and first-ever time speaking on the phone, Eman already felt like a trusted confidante who had been with the company for years.


The speed in which she was able to turn the project's intricacies into a strategic direction was well above what most C-Suite Executives could pull off.


Not only did she design copy that was like being inside the heads of our target audience, but she also went many extra miles by providing recommendations about segmentation, conversions and page design.


Which were so good, to get that level somewhere else would've cost me tens of thousands of dollars more and three additional contractors.


What kind of copywriter does that?

The only you should ever use for any future launch — Eman. I know I will be."

Book in a Minimum Viable Launch™ Strategy Session

You'll walk away with an MVL™ full launch plan regardless of whether you proceed to work with us on your entire launch. And if you do? We take the cost of our strategy session off the cost of your launch.

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