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We make your business sound human.

(The nice kinda human. The kind you'd like to grab a drink with, not the seedy kind that'll make your clients run for the hills.)

Meet the Scribesmith!


The Scribesmith was started by Eman Zabi (Hi, that's me!) in Dec 2016. We're now a small team with diverse expertise scattered around the world.!


Our call to fame is a data-driven approach to crafting conversion copy that is entertaining, engaging, and most importantly, gets results.


In other words, our superpower is personality-driven conversion copy, also known as outrageously-fun-shit-that-will-make-you-money.


Some copywriters do really fun sounding copy. Others do hardcore data-driven copy that sounds about as interesting as the back of a shampoo bottle.


With The Scribesmith, you get compelling conversion copy with personality POPPING out the seams to help you stand out from 1094835 other brands selling to your customers.


Great copy can inspire your readers, educate them, make them pee from laughing too hard.


But most importantly folks, it can make ‘em pull out their wallets and click that big shiny button that reads "BUY".


Like flies to honey 🐝

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