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Hi, I'm Eman!

Founder of The Scribesmith

Climber of (one) mountains

Drinker of copious amounts of tea

Writer of words you wish came out of your mouth

I make your business sound human.

(The nice kinda human.


The kind you'd like to grab a drink with, not the seedy kind that'll make your clients run for the hills.)



My background is in Political Science and Econometrics, and I have a certificate in Neuromarketing (aka the brain science of what makes people buy your stuff).



In other words, my superpower is personality-driven conversion copy, also known as outrageously-fun-shit-that-will-make-you-money.


Some copywriters do really fun sounding copy. Others do hardcore data-driven copy that sounds about as interesting as the back of my cereal box.

With The Scribesmith, you get compelling conversion copy with personality POPPING out the seams to help you stand out from 1094835 other brands selling to your customers.


Great copy can inspire your readers, educate them, make them pee from laughing too hard.


But most importantly folks, it can make ‘em pull out their wallets and click that big shiny button that reads "BUY".


Like flies to honey.

the important stuff

Who's your favourite superhero?

Wonderwoman, duh

What's the trick to getting higher conversion?

If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl that you couldn’t sell, what would you fill it with?

I'd recite poetry in my inflatable dinosaur suit

Research research and more research stirred together with a touch of angst and a dollop of humour

Favourite movie?

Where'd you go to school?

Jurassic Park, the original one. 

Not this Chris Pratt crap.

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University 

I promise I'm not as pompous as that makes me sound

Weirdest thing about you?

I spreadsheet everything

And I mean everything

We've never wanted to be just another business 

That's why every month we help fund Kiva loans to counteract barriers to financial access around the world. Our loans help students get educated, provide start-up capital for women who want to start businesses, helps people cover emergency medical expenses and more!

"This woman is a BEAST, a ROCKSTAR a LEGEND!


I have had such a hard time hiring people in the past and I was so relieved that I found a woman who cares about her business as much as I care about mine, and yes, that's hard to find.


She is amazing, informative, thorough and overall a delight.


I couldn't recommend her enough!

I don't usually give testimonials but Eman blew me away.


Kendra Sette, The Optimum You