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Marketers often position conversion as an event.


It isn’t.
It’s a process

How to Work With Us


Discovery Call

Set up an appointment for a call. We'll send you a questionnaire to fill out before our meeting so we can come prepared.


Review Proposal

After we've discussed your project, we'll whip up a proposal for you to review. Once we're all in agreement, we go from there. 


Confirm your Spot!

Once you've signed off and paid the deposit, your spot on our calendar is officially secure.

Outsource Your Marketing Team

Want a copywriter, social media manager, graphic designer, launch strategist, and Facebook Ad manager on your team? You're looking at a $15,000/month investment. At minimum.

When you hire the Scribesmith team on retainer, you get all of our experts for a fraction of the cost.


We embed into your team, work with your systems, and take on everything from your big launches, to the little tasks that have been gathering dust at the back of your mind for months (if not years).


And the best part? Your team contracts and expands as you need it (and so do your fees)!


Integrated Marketing Retainers start at a minimum investment of $3000 per month. 

Startup Team

Our Process


Conversion begins long before a prospect is hovering over a Buy button. You need to start sowing the seeds for a successful sale early. And the cornerstone of conversion? It's research. 


Here at The Scribesmith, we use a three-pronged approach that combines data and your competitive advantage, with a healthy dollop of personality to craft copy that cuts through the noise, speaks to your audience’s deepest struggles and positions you as the solution they've been looking for all along. 

Podcast Promotion

With the never-ending quest for Inbox Zero, the real estate in your audience's inbox is becoming increasingly thin. Getting people to open, click, and engage with your podcast emails has never been harder. 


Stand out from the noise with emails that people actually look forward to reading.

This includes 4 podcast emails per month, with accompanying show notes and social posts, as well as 10 hours of copywriting support per month. 

Packages begin at $2,250.

Copy of Untitled.gif

Actual responses to the emails we write for clients



When you need something done quick and done right. Book a VIP intensive where you book the entire Scribesmith team for the whole day. On the day of our intensive, we roll up our sleeves and crack our knuckles and get to work, brainstorming, strategizing, and crafting conversion copy designed to get you the results you are looking for.

We can work on launch strategy, punch up email sequences, write short email sequences from scratch, create sales decks, and more. 

Priced at $4000. Perfect if you need something done ASAP. Or need a combination of strategy & execution.

"Best VIP Day I’ve ever had. Honestly, I didn’t even want to book it but I was sooo far behind and needed help.


Not only did Eman’s team deliver fast, but they delivered REALLY solid work. Four minutes of light editing, and that bad boy was done, dusted, and ready to publish. They nailed the voice, the topic, and the tone… and I’ll never hesitate to book with them again."

Justin Blackman, Pretty Fly Copywriting
Copy of Copy of Content Cure - 99 Social

Minimum Viable Launch 

Our approach to launches is simple, we look at what opportunities are available to your business, and what constraints you're facing (like a tiny list, or no budget for ads) and we create a custom strategy designed to get you maximum ROI with minimum time and capital investment. 


This process allows to fully understand your goals for this launch and create a strategy that works. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions for launches, so this call allows to craft a custom launch strategy and quote for you. 

Working with us is Simple

Three small steps for man, one giant leap for conversion — Neil Armstrong (No, not really)

Custom Project

If you're looking for website copy, brand voice, a copywriter on retainer to plug into your marketing team, or something else entirely, drop us a line at or just click the button below to book in a call to chat.


What People Say

"They didn't just buy, they wrote. 

And wrote more. 

Their life stories. 

Their business ideas.  

The outpour of support for our work still continues, right now. Today. 

Eman and her team have been our ROCKS through the entire launch process. They can turn the craziest amount of content + a few brain dumps into a meaningful message that resonates with an audience and captivates them so much so you surpass your goals and fuels positive outcomes. 

In a very small amount of time Eman and her team distilled our content and developed a rich voice that spoke to our audience so deeply, they responded. They didn't just buy, they wrote.  And wrote more. Their life stories, their business ideas.  The outpour of support for our work still continues, right now. Today. 


If you're ready (or not) to let go and trust someone to take your message/ your product to the next level, say yes to Eman. I'm betting on her."

Nicole Elzer

COO, Peace Innovation Institute,
Stanford University

"By the end of our discovery call and first-ever time speaking on the phone, Eman already felt like a trusted confidante who had been with the company for years. 

The speed in which she was able to turn the project's intricacies into a strategic direction was well above what most C-Suite Executives could pull off. 

Not only did she design copy that was like being inside the heads of our target audience, but she also went many extra miles by providing recommendations about segmentation, conversions and page design. Which were so good, to get that level somewhere else would've cost me tens of thousands of dollars more and three additional contractors. 

What kind of copywriter does that?
The only one you should ever use for any future launch — Eman. I know I will be. "

Andrew Bean


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