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Copy that has your personality popping out the screen and straight into your clients’ hearts (and wallets!)

Marketers often position conversion as an event.

It isnt.


And it begins long before a prospect is hovering over a Buy button. You need to start sowing the seeds for a successful sale early. And the cornerstone of conversion? It's research.

Here at The Scribesmith, we use a three-pronged approach that combines data and your competitive advantage, with a healthy dollop of personality to craft copy that cuts through the noise, speaks to your audience’s deepest struggles and positions you as the solution they've been looking for all along.

 Working with us is simple.


1 Set up an appointment for a call. We'll send you a questionnaire to fill out before our meeting so we can come prepared.


2 After we've discussed your project, we'll whip up a custom quote for you to sign. 


3 Once you've signed off, paid the deposit, your spot on our calendar is officially secure.

Choose your own adventure

By the end of our discovery call and first-ever time speaking on the phone, Eman already felt like a trusted confidante who had been with the company for years.


The speed in which she was able to turn the project's intricacies into a strategic direction that was well above what most C-Suite Executives could pull off.


Not only did she design copy that was like being inside the heads of our target audience, but she also went many extra miles by providing recommendations about segmentation, conversions and page design.


Which were so good, to get that level somewhere else would've cost me tens of thousands of dollars more and three additional contractors.

What kind of copywriter does that?

The only one you should ever use for any future launch - Eman. 

— Andrew Bean, Hotbed

A strategic direction that was well above what most C-Suite Executives could pull off.